How to Build a Website That Grows With Your Business

Will your website be able to scale with the growth of your business? If you’re not designing your website around scalability, you’re going to run into problems when your business starts attracting more customers. Ensure your website is built to meet the changing needs of your business. Not only does your website need to function effectively as traffic increases, but it should also facilitate growth through forward-thinking design principles. eSEOspace explores a few effective ways to build your business website with growth in mind.


Don’t Overlook Email Scalability

When people think of website scalability, they often forget about email. Your email needs to scale alongside the rest of your business. Without a scalable system, it will become increasingly difficult to manage your email contacts and initiate effective email marketing campaigns. Get in touch with an email marketing company for help establishing an effective email system that will grow with your business.


Improve Your Website SEO

If you want your website to actively help your business grow, you must prioritize search engine optimization (SEO). By enlisting the help of experts like eSEOspace, you can optimize your website to help it rank higher in search results, so more customers will find your solutions when seeking answers online. Keep in mind that customers typically use location-based tools when searching for products and services, so if you run a local business, pay attention to local SEO as well.

Hubspot explains that starting a blog is a great way to boost your SEO. Publishing blog articles tells Google that your website contains relevant and up-to-date answers to your customers’ questions. Plus, you can leverage on-page SEO techniques to optimize your blog content and help your website rank even higher in search results.

You can (and should) also link to your website from other social media sources. For example, by creating a Facebook ad or a blog post on another site that links back to you, you can use software to track where most of your traffic comes from. This will allow you to intelligently gauge the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign and adjust accordingly.


Boost Your Website Conversions

SEO will help drive more traffic to your website, but conversion optimization will turn those visitors into paying customers. Increasing conversions is ultimately how you’ll grow your business. Attractive web design, frustration-free navigation, and influential copy are just a few key elements in any high-converting web page.

Create an eye-catching header banner on your website to build brand awareness among your website visitors. Make sure your banner includes your logo so your customers can learn to recognize your brand. Still need a logo? You can find free logo design tools online that enable you to design a professional logo without hiring a graphic designer. You just choose a template that best fits your brand and make it your own with custom text, fonts, and colors.


Build a Fully-Integrated System

Creating a fully-integrated tech system will make it much easier to scale your business. When all of your tech solutions are connected, you’ll be able to expand each type of software you use without disrupting your workflow. This interconnected collection of software and technology is known as an Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system. Make sure all of your software tools including your CRM tool, accounting system, and inventory tracking software communicate with each other seamlessly.


Understand Your Analytics

Evaluating your website analytics is essential for growing your business. Google Analytics is a free website tracking tool that provides robust data and interactive reports about a website’s performance. At first glance, looking at Google Analytics reports is completely overwhelming. Take advantage of online guides and videos that can walk you through this valuable tool and show you how to extract the most value from your data. For example, ExactMetrics recommends using Google Analytics data to optimize your content strategy so you can better cater to your customers’ interests.

Whether you run a local retail store or an ecommerce business that operates entirely online, your website will play a key role in the growth of your company. Make sure your website is set up to foster smooth and controlled growth. Pay attention to website scalability now and you’ll be able to avoid major headaches as your business expands.