How Can I Improve my Bariatric Surgery Video Strategy?

When navigating the vast video content world, it can be a tad intimidating. When attempting to implement a new strategy to your channel, it can be even more intimidating. Fear not, my goal is to assist you in improving your Bariatric Surgery video strategy with some suggestions!

Let’s talk about content

A great rule of thumb when creating video content is to keep the energy high and keep the audience enthralled. Have some soft music playing in the background, keep great eye contact with the camera, and be as personable as possible. Viewers want to create a connection to the content creator or person within the video, so it’s important to highlight your capabilities as a surgeon whilst showing the viewer why they should choose you as their surgeon. Keep information clear and concise within your video to eliminate any confusion for the viewer and always keep your website linked in the description bar underneath your video.

First impressions matter

Additionally, thumbnails are the initial cover picture that the viewer will see before they click on your video. These are meant to entice the viewer to click on your video so having a good thumbnail is essential in getting views. For Bariatric videos in specific, a great suggestion would be to make a video dedicated to a patient’s weight loss transformation and create a thumbnail that shows the patient’s physical before and after. This highlights not only your practice but also what you have to offer your patients.

Timing matters, so do some research on your audience!

Youtube Search Engine Optimization

Lastly, while you are in the editing bay on Youtube, make sure to take full advantage of the “Tags” box. In this box, you can input key terms associated with your video which will aid the viewer in reaching your video. For example, you can input terms like “Bariatric surgery”, “weight loss transformation”, or “Bariatric surgery weight loss transformation”. For Youtube, you have 500 characters available, so taking advantage of these tags will only help your channel grow!

In the midst of creating your Bariatric Surgery videos, remember to just turn on the camera and be yourself.

Have fun!