How can I Increase my Instagram Following

In today’s digital world, your social media accounts can tell the world a lot about you if you so choose. Instagram alone has over 800 million users and it can be difficult to attract some attention to your page. Below are some ideas on how to increase you Instagram following.

Post Consistently on your Social Media

One of the most essential aspects of gaining new Instagram followers is consistency. The more often you post, the more likely your photos will wind up on the Explore page for other users to see. Also, when uploading new content consistently, the more engagement you’ll gain from your current followers. When you’re following someone’s Instagram account, you want to see the content that they’re sharing. If you are only posting a picture once every few months, often times people will begin to unfollow you from lack of interest.

Branding, Branding, Branding

Another great way to attract some traffic onto your page is to create your own personal Instagram page style. Creating a cool style for your page could be anything from using different photo presets or filters or editing all your photos in a consistent way that separates your photos from other people’s photos. By doing this, you are creating interest around your page and letting new users know that you care about what you put out on your social media.

Timing matters, so do some research on your audience!

Posting good photos is only as good as the time you post them! When you are preparing to post your well-crafted photo, it is important to consider the time frame of when you are posting your photo. Often, if you are posting your photo at 2:30 in the afternoon, it is quite possible that there are less users online to like your photo. During most business hours, the activity on your page is often times less due to the fact that most people are at work, school, or just plain busy. A good rule of thumb is to post either first thing in the morning or at night. First thing in the morning, most users go on Instagram briefly to be updated on current news and stay in touch with their existing following, so posting this early could be beneficial for gaining traction on your page. Posting at night can also create the same kind of waves. Most users hop on Instagram towards the end of the night to do a last perusal before they hit the hay, so this is an opportune time to attract some attention and gain those likes and potential new followers!

By implementing these few simple rules, your Instagram following has the potential to shift upwards. Staying connected in the digital world can be an important facet of everyday life. Whether your goal is to stay connected with old friends, make new ones, create a business, or just have a cool looking page, it is best to show yourself off in a positive light.