The global health and wellness economy was a $4.5 trillion market in 2018. This is great news because it means that there is a lot of opportunity in the industry. However, without properly marketing yourself, it’s very easy to miss out on this vastly growing market.

A major benefit of the health and wellness industry is the people who are behind it. Whether it be teaching people to treat their bodies better or how to promote natural healing within the body, the majority of people within the health and wellness industry, likely including yourself, are people who are genuinely seeking to share their knowledge and help others feel better about themselves physically and mentally. One of the beauties of this industry is the passion that leads people like you to pursue such a path.

People know when a person or company is being genuine. They can sense when someone is passionate about something, when someone is truly looking to promote other’s well being, and the opposite is true as well. People also know when a person or company is being ingenuine, and these are the companies that they will see right through, paying little attention to them. This is something that you can use in your favor. Authenticity is key. It’s incredibly powerful to be able to relate to people on an emotional and personal level, and when done properly, this is something that you can use to help market your company and brand image. So, what can you do to market your health and wellness business or naturopathy practice so that people truly relate to your brand?

Here are some tips to keep in mind and help you get started relating to your potential customers with your health and wellness marketing.

Know why you're in the industry. What brought you to this path?

It’s important to know why you’re doing what you’re doing because if you don’t have it clearly defined, your customer won’t either. Take the time to physically write it down. What value are you providing to your customer? What sets you apart from your competition? Why did you get into the industry in the first place? Why is this important to you? Why are you passionate about health and wellness?

Have a professional, well-made website. If you're not a website designer yourself, pay someone who is.

This is crucial. Your website is your home base. It's where your potential customers are going to come looking for you, to learn about you, what you stand for, what you offer, where to find you, and so on. It is one of the most important interactions they have with your brand. If your website is poorly designed and difficult to navigate, not only will it show up poorly on search results, but it will also give your potential customers a bad first impression. Like they say, first impressions really are everything.

Invest in a website that properly represents who you are to your potential customers. The truth is, unless you have experience in designing and running a website, it's best to intrust this important task to someone who is familiar with it.

Use social media, and use it well.

Social media is a tool and your website is the toolbox. Tools are necessary and useful, each with its own function, but at the end of the day, the goal is for all of the tools to end up back in the toolbox. Each social media platform serves its own function, but ultimately the goal is to lead potential customers back to your website. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are great tools for relating over health and wellness with your potential customers. You can utilize these platforms to promote your brand image, communicate with your audience, relate to them, and educate them. Overall, be a resource for your audience, a place they want to come back to.

Utilize the power of influencers.

This is a great marketing tool for creating awareness for your health and wellness brand in ways that you yourself might not be able to achieve. It utilizes people who have a follower base that sees them as experts or trusted sources of information. If you can partner with someone to help educate and promote the benefits of your product or service, more people will be interested in trying out sad product or service.

Relate to your potential customers with compelling content.

Use content that is interesting and beneficial to your audience. Use your imagination here, as long as you are providing relevant and useful information that helps market and promote your health and wellness brand image, this is where you can have some fun and get as creative as you’d like! Stream live videos: answer questions about health and wellness, provide workshops, show how to use a product, anything that could be valuable to your audience. Share case studies, infographics, blogs, visually appealing images, podcasts, newsletters, anything! Again, your imagination is the only limitation.

Don't forget about email marketing.

22% of people actually read your emails, which is great news! It means that this is another valuable way of sharing information and staying on the radar of potential or past customers. This is another great marketing tool for sharing updates on the health and wellness world, and it can be especially useful in maintaining a relationship with past customers.

Utilize your clients.

Your past customers are a great marketing resource. Utilize them to help promote your image. You can utilize automated health and wellness marketing emails to follow up with your customers. Ask them to leave a quick review. A good review is always beneficial and you can share them on your website and social platforms to attract other customers.