Oil & Gas Website
Design + SEO

For any oil and gas company, website design must be able to represent their core values and highlight the features of their products or services. It should also be able to integrate with other digital platforms such as social media, so that customers can easily stay updated with all the latest developments within the industry. The website should have an intuitive navigation system which makes it easy to browse through different pages with ease. Additionally, in order to capture leads, businesses should ensure that they include contact forms which allows users to quickly get in touch with them.

Oil & Gas Local SEO

In addition to having an aesthetically pleasing website design, there are several technical aspects which must also be taken into account when designing websites for oil companies. For instance, ensuring that your site is Local  and Organic SEO friendly will increase your chances of appearing on search engine rankings when potential customers are looking for relevant keywords related to your business or industry. Other technical considerations include mobile optimization so that users can access your website from any device without experiencing any lags or delays; implementing analytics tools so that you can track visitor behavior; as well as providing necessary security measures such as HTTPS encryption protocols so that user data is safely stored away from malicious individuals who may try to misuse it

Oil & Gas Organic SEO

Researching relevant keywords is one of the most important aspects of an organic SEO campaign; by targeting specific terms related to the oil industry and its related services or products, businesses can better understand what information potential customers and clients are looking for when they search online. Once the topics or phrases have been identified, companies must then optimize their content with those keywords as well as create quality backlinks from other authoritative sources that link back to their website. Doing so will help websites appear higher in SERPs when users type in these queries, increasing click-through rates (CTRs) and ultimately leading to better visibility and more conversions as a result.

The oil industry is highly competitive, so it’s important for companies to have a comprehensive SEO strategy in place. When setting up an organic SEO campaign for this sector, companies should focus on researching relevant keywords, optimizing content for those keywords, building quality backlinks, and tracking their performance on SERPs.

Oil & Gas PPC (Pay-Per-
Click Services)

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a powerful form of digital marketing for the oil industry. PPC campaigns can be a great way to reach out to potential customers, as well as increase the visibility of a business in search engine results pages (SERPs). When it comes to the oil industry, one of the best ways to reach out to customers and build awareness is through keyword research. Companies and marketers can use this data to craft effective ad campaigns that target customers searching for relevant keywords. This helps ensure that ads are shown to users who are more likely to convert into paying customers. Another advantage of running PPC campaigns in the oil industry lies in its ability to generate leads quickly. Through an effective PPC campaign, companies can obtain valuable information about customer behavior, interests, and preferences. This data can then be used to refine existing strategies or build new ones that offer better results over time.

Youtube Advertising via
Google Ads

Youtube advertising for Oil Industry is becoming increasingly popular as the oil industry looks for more efficient and cost effective ways to reach their target market. With so many people using YouTube, it has become a prime way to get oil-related content in front of potential customers. The oil industry has started to utilize YouTube’s robust targeting capabilities including location, age, interests and even behaviors associated with oil-related content. For example, if you are a company looking to promote oil exploration services you can target viewers interested in energy news or videos related to the environment. Overall, YouTube provides numerous opportunities for businesses in the Oil Industry who are looking for effective ways to increase brand awareness and attract new customers. As advertisers expand their strategies beyond traditional TV advertising they may want to consider adding YouTube as part of their overall digital strategy as it provides a great combination of targeting options along with powerful analytics tools which can help maximize ROI while reaching their target market efficiently and cost effectively.

Monthly Reporting, and
Bi-weekly Meetings

Monthly SEO meetings are essential for any business with an online presence. By having regular, scheduled meetings, businesses can stay up to date on the ever-changing world of SEO and ensure that their website is optimized for success. Regular SEO meetings provide a forum for discussing current trends, strategies, and goals in order to keep ahead of the competition.

At monthly SEO meetings, businesses can review their current tactics and discuss potential changes to ensure they are targeting the right audience and optimizing their content accordingly. They can also analyze performance data from previous months in order to determine if any changes need to be made in order to improve overall results. Additionally, these meetings provide an opportunity to review new tools and technologies available, as well as discuss plans for upcoming campaigns.

Custom Lead Capture
Forms, and other features

Lead forms are an incredibly important tool in any website’s arsenal. They are a key method of capturing contact information from visitors, allowing companies to follow up with them and nurture them into becoming customers. Lead forms can be used for various purposes such as collecting essential data about customers, providing customer support, conducting surveys, or even generating leads for sales.

Our Packages

Ready to re-vamp your current website or build a new website? Email us for more information: hello@eseospace.com Why choose us? Our background is in Behavioral Neuroscience and Marketing Strategy. We use our expertise to design a website that converts, and optimized so that you can get traffic from search engines!

Just Website

If you don't want to grow your traffic, but want a website, or to get more conversions from your current traffic - this is for you!

Just answer the following few questions, and we will give you an instant quote!

    • Custom Design of All Pages

      A typical website has a minimum of 5 pages. The quoted price will vary based on the number of pages.

    • Up to 3 Mockups Proposed

      We offer up to 3 mockups

    • Up to 10 hours revisions

      We will offer revisions to the proposed mockups in Figma.

    • Shopify, Wordpress, WIX, Squarespace

      We can build on any platform, or even custom development. The price varies based on platform.

    • eCommerce Functionality

      We offer eCommerce functionality for websites for an add-on cost.

    • Lead Generation Functionality

      All websites will have Lead Generation functionality.

    • 3 months Complimentary Warranty

      We will work with you for up to 3 months after your website is launched to ensure everything is perfect. This includes re-designs.

    • 3 months Complimentary Hosting

      We offer hosting services free of charge for 3 months.

    Website + SEO

    SEO helps you grow your business! We specialize in this! Let us help you get more business.

    Just answer the following few questions, and we will give you an instant quote!

      • + Title Tags + Meta Tags + Alt Tags + Schemas

        This is an example of a tooltip. Make it only with HTML and CSS. Follow the tutorial at

      • + 10 Targeted Keywords per Website

        You can choose 10 keywords that are geo-targeted that you would like to rank for, and we will optimize your website for those keywords.

      • + Up to 500 Words / Copywriting

        We will write up 500 words for you that will be SEO optimized.

      • + Google Analytics

        We set up GA4 for our clients.

      • + Search Console Setup

        Search Console allows you to see all impressions and clicks that your google listing gets.

      • + Internal SEO Audit, and Site Speed Audit

        We run an SEM Rush audit, and other audits that will list out all issues with your website.

      • + 1 FAQ Page for Organic Keyword Targeting

      • + External Link for Organic Keyboard Targeting (backlink)

      Build Your Own Package

      We build CRMs, Marketing Automation tools, databases, drip campaigns, and more. Businesses choose us because we care!

      Just answer the following few questions, and we will give you an instant quote!

        • + Custom Plugins
        • + Marketing Automation
        • + CRM Integrations
        • + Backend Databases
        • + Custom Workflows
        • + Client Portals
        • + Animation and Effects
        • + Let us build your dream site!

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Search Engine Optimization is how your website ranks on google, and the steps you take to ensure google recognizes your website. The pages on your website are associated with keywords through the meta tags and title tags, which help you get traffic for keywords that relate to your business. See how SEO can bring you inbound leads.
        Do you want more business? Then you need SEO. It is a service that every business needs if they want to invest in a long term strategy rather than a short term strategy. And guess what! We specialize in it.
        Yes, you can add the SEO setup later, but that is not advisable. A website should be built with the SEO setup in mind from the very beginning. But we acknowledge that not all businesses need SEO. (for example, businesses that only work with government contracts, etc)
        A package 3 website has more advanced features, but the quality is the same. We do our best for every client. The biggest advantage of Package 3 is the marketing automation solution. Let your website do the work you don’t want to do.
        For a normal website, 2-3 weeks on average. But if you have a rush project, reach out to us! We can complete a website in 3 days (a rush fee will be added to the price). If you are looking for marketing automation solutions, your website will most likely take 8-12 weeks.
        The SEO setup takes up 2-3 months to implement (post-website launch), and another 3 month to track the results that start to incur. Most of our clients start to see results right away, and don’t reach back out. But we know because ewe have access to stats and can see the calls coming in through their website ;).
        Yes we do. We have custom pricing solutions starting at $1,750 based on your needs. Reach out to us by email (hello@eseospace.com), or call (805) 500-3736 to inquire for a custom quote.
        Our goal here at eSEOspace is to be the extension to your business that brings you value (SEO and conversion-oriented design), listens to your needs, and actually delivers based on what we agree upon. I wholeheartedly want you to be successful, so we will do everything in our power during the process to help give you a boost. And by choosing us, you are supporting a small group of independent, creative, and hard-working dreamers.
        Reach out to us! We are always happy and ready to answer questions.

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        eSEOspace started as a free service to local businesses in San Diego, CA, and has evolved to be the affordable and high-quality solution for businesses nationwide to increase their branding, image and leads.

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