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I began working with Florida Adventurer in May of 2019.

Want to tell the world about your awesome startup or business, but are unsure about how to properly do that? You have come to the right place! We are Publicize, a digital PR company that’s eager to help you navigate your growing business! We thoroughly stand by the transformative effects that digital PR can bring to your startup or business, and believe that we can help you take your exposure to new heights. We also understand just how fierce the competition is, especially when you’re doing this alone.

Growing your audience and capturing market share can be incredibly difficult within this industry. Consumers want to give their hard earned money to businesses that they can trust, and without credibility, your brand can end up getting lost in the mix. This is where we come in.

Publicize can build your brand’s exposure and credibility within your respective target market, which in turn, can help your business substantially. Regardless of if you’re an early stage startup or established player, we create PR strategies that encourage growth. We encourage you to browse through our packages below.