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Hi, my name is Dmitriy. I’m a UX/UI designer. I really love cats and rally cars. I think animation is a future for mobile application and websites. Currently, my goal, improve my skills in an animation of UI design. Motion design is the thing that always inspired me. The animation will help users get a better experience from using UI.


Hi! My name is Oliver, and I am a graphic designer. my favorite thing to do during my freetime is to chill. when i was a child i always wanted to be an animator. so if there is an opportunity to work on a project that needs illustrations you can count on me 🙂


Hi! I’m Trisha, a Website Designer. Doing things in a creative way is my drive! When I create something related to art or design, it makes my heart giddy! In my free time, I love to play online video games with friends and do digital drawing/art.

My goal is to gain more knowledge about art/design and improve on my digital artwork while being consistent in doing my best and helping others who may be in need.