Understanding The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and Its Rules

When it comes to running a business, financial security is one of the things that is being constantly looked at. As a service provider, here at eSEOspace, we want to make sure that clients get their money’s worth. Having said that, this has transpired us to comply with the guidelines of the Financial Industry Regulatory  Authority (FINRA) to ensure financial security protection. This means that all the websites that eSEOspace creates are according to the compliance of FINRA and its rules. 


What is FINRA?

FINRA is short for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, where it is composed of members from exchange markets and brokerage firms. It is an independent, non-government organization that is designed to oversee and regulate the actions of its members. 


What is FINRA’s rule? 

FINRA’s rule serves as a guidance and protection to investors in the ever-changing market. It helps preserve the integrity of the market field and strengthen ties among investors and keep their investments secure.


Who is required to register with FINRA?

FINRA registration applies to both firms and individuals alike that are connected to the securities business of the organization. This includes people of the following position: directors, partners, salespersons, branch managers, etc. There is a certain qualification exam to pass as proof of knowledge in the said field.



How do I get a FINRA license?

Getting a FINRA license would require securities professionals to pass a series of qualifying exams. These tests will gauge one’s competence and ability in the said areas of the business before they become registered. Contact us today to learn more.