Your SEO

We have monthly packages, and one-time fee packages available per request.

SEO Basic

Our start-up basic gives you the basics needed to get your business off the ground.
  • 1 Keyword-Targeting Content Pages
  • 5 Local SEO Citations/month
  • Full SEO Optimizations on Website
  • 1 External Backlinks & Optimizations

SEO Accelerator

The Start-up accelerator is the most popular choice for startups.
  • 2 Keyword-Targeting Content Pages
  • 10 Local SEO Citations/month
  • Full SEO Optimizations on Website
  • 2 External Backlinks & Optimizations

SEO Advanced

We accelerate your SEO by loading up your website with content and backlinks.
  • 3 Keyword-Targeting Content Pages
  • 15 Local SEO Citations/month
  • Full SEO Optimizations on Website
  • 3 External Backlinks & Optimizations

SEO Progress for Startup Businesses

We love building businesses from scratch, but we also specialize in advanced SEO optimizations for Medium-Large Sized businesses.

See a 1-Year Case Study

Client came to me desperate for results. Tired of being oversold SEO packages without any results - I worked on a custom competitor-targeting strategy to help him rank better. Over the years, here are our results. I began working with Florida Adventurer in May of 2019.
We immediately gained traction – and started seeing positive results. Our organic keywords grew, and so did the company’s faith in their own business model. Florida Adventurer is now on the first page of google locally and nationally for their most competitive keywords. They are still running an Adwords strategy, but organic SEO ensures their business can continue even when they do not invest in Ad Spend.